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Carol's Solitaire is a simple card game programmed in Java using AWT and Swing. I am using the Eclipse IDE to write this software. It is open-source and released under the GPL license. Hosting and CVS services are being provided thanks to

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The latest news can be found as the top link on the News Archive. You can also check out progress towards version 1.0 on the Project Roadmap.


Installation Instructions

First, for all systems, download the CarolRelease-v0.x.x.x.tar.gz file, found here. Also, make sure that your system has the latest version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed. Carol's Solitaire requires JRE 1.5.0 (also known as just 5.0) to run. The installation method depends on your platform. Go to Sun's website for more information. There is a download link for JRE 5.0 on that page. The java runtime environment only needs to be installed once, then all versions of Carol's Solitaire should work.

Note: Mac OS X versions prior to Tiger (10.4) may not be able to install JRE 5.0. I am looking into this, but I am not a Mac expert.

Linux and Mac OS X

To uncompress the file, open a terminal on your system, navigate to the directory where you saved the file, and enter this command:

tar -xzvf CarolRelease-v0.x.x.x.tar.gz

Navigate into the CarolSolitaire folder that was created, and type:


The game should now run. Enjoy!


Uncompress the file. There are many utilities, but I recommend WinZip. It is easy to use and supports both .tar and .gz files. When opening the CarolRelease-v0.x.x.x.tar.gz file with WinZip, you will be confronted with a dialog saying something about the archive containing only one file, and asking if you would like to decompress it to a temporary folder and open it. Say yes to this dialog. Then, without selecting anything, simply press the Extract button. Choose a directory to save the extracted folder to.

Open the CarolSolitaire folder that was created, and double-click Solitaire.bat

The game should now run. Enjoy!

Using the Program

First of all, keep in mind that Carol's Solitaire is currently only an alpha release. This means that major program functionality may be missing. For example, many elements present in the GUI, such as save/load buttons and dialogs, are not functional. They are placeholders for future features.

The interface is split into a card-playing area and a menu/toolbar area. Various controls are provided by the menus, and frequently used controls are repeated as buttons on the toolbar. To redeal the cards and start a new game, for example, press the New Deal button.

In the card-playing area, there are two different sets of columns. The top row of four columns is the solution area, and the lower rows of seven columns is the play area. To move cards, left-click and drag a card from one column to another. Stacks of cards may be moved in the play area, but only single cards may be placed onto the solution area. See the rules below.

Carol's Solitaire Rules

The Deal:

Start with a normal deck of 52 cards. To deal the cards, place one card face-up on the table, followed by six face-down cards side by side. This forms seven columns, with the face-up card as the first (leftmost) column. Build on the columns by placing a face-up card on the second column and another face down card on columns 3-7. Proceed in this manner until you have placed a single face up-card on the 7th column. Then, began placing the rest on the cards in the hand face-up on the columns, going from left to right and starting at the first column again after placing on the 7th column.

The Play

Players progress in the game by making one of two moves. If a move exposes a face-down card, that card is flipped over immediately after the move.
  1. Move any face-up card in the play area to any legal play area position. If a face-up card with a stack of overlapping cards is chosen, the entire stack must move with the chosen card. The composition of this stack does not matter. Legal positions are the following:
  2. Move a single face-up card (one with no stack) in the play area to a legal solution area position. The solution area is four columns above the play area, one for each suit. Each column starts empty and must be begun by an ace of the appropriate suit. Face-up cards may be legally placed onto the column with the same suit only if the topmost card of the column has a rank one lower than the card being moved.

The Objective

The objective of the game is to place all of the cards into four face-up piles in the solution area.


This is the most recent screenshot. To see all available screenshots, go here.

GUI Screenshot

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